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Tamura Masahiro
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Tamura Masahiro ShortBio:

Tamura Masahiro was graduated from Faculty of Law, Kyoto University in March 1977 and was passed the National Bar Examination, he had adopted to National Police Agency in April 1977, afterwards, he had various professional experiences: Assistant Cabinet Legislation Bureau, Section chief of Public Security Intelligence Tokyo Metropolitan Police, Chiefs of the Prefectural Police Akita and Fukuoka, Section chief of Car license National Police Agency etc. He had resigned in January 2013 (President of the National Police Academy). After that, he was hired by the Faculty of Law, Kyoto Sangyo University. He is one of the leading "Police administrative laws" in Japan and has published numerous books and treatises. Now, his recherche theme is "Acquisition and storage of information as well as control the police by the citizens".


TAMURA Masahiro (2019), A Study of Criminal Intervention in Family Violence by the Police, Criminal Justice and Policing No.5 pp.115-138.

TAMURA Masahiro (2017), "Administration Law Control of the Collection and Handling of Information by the Police", Sandai Law Review, Vol. No.1・2, pp.67-86.

TAMURA Masahiro (2015), Commentary of Police administrative laws, Tokyo Horei Publicing.

TAMURA Masahiro (2015), Boryoludan (Yakuza) Exclusionary Ordinances and Future Anti-Organized Crime Legislation, Sandai Law Review, Vol.No1・2, pp.89-114.

TAMURA Masahiro(2010), Some Insight into Police Management- By Analyzing Fukuoka Police Survey Data in 2008, Security Science Review Vol.XII, pp.47-78.

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